edelib  2.1.0
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCApplicationBootstrapEDE application bootstrapper
oCColorDbX11 color database
oCConfigA config file reader
|\CDesktopFile.desktop file reader and writer
oCDateA class for date manipulation
oCDirWatchDirectory changes notifier
oCEdbusConnectionD-Bus connection and data sender
oCEdbusContainer< T >Abstract container for D-Bus containers
oCEdbusContainer< EdbusData >
|\CEdbusListA class representing D-Bus struct and array
oCEdbusContainer< EdbusDictEntry >
|\CEdbusDictDictionary container for D-Bus types
oCEdbusDataClass for representing D-Bus data types
oCEdbusDictEntryAn entry in EdbusDict
oCEdbusErrorA class representing D-Bus error
oCEdbusMessageData transporter for D-Bus
oCEdbusObjectPathRepresents D-Bus object path
oCEdbusVariantRepresents D-Bus variant
oCFileA system file io stream
|\CAnimateBoxAnimate list of images inside box
|\CWindowWindow class
|oCExpandableGroupA group with applied layout on childs
|\CTableBaseA base class for table widgets
|\CSchemeEditorEditing component for Scheme language
|oCMenuBaseMenu base class
||oCMenuBarMenu bar
||\CMenuButtonButton with attached menu
|\CSevenSegDigital number widget
|\CMessageBoxStandard dialog
oCFontCacheAllow readable font names and cache their access
oCFontInfoBase structure for storing font information; used by FontCache
oCIconLoaderLoads icons with IconTheme
oCIconThemeFinds named icon according to the given theme
oClist< T >Linked list class
oClist< edelib::EdbusData >
oClist< Fl_Image * >
oClist< IconLoaderItem * >
oCMenuItemThe item in menu list
oCMenuTooltipTooltip support inside menus
oCMimeTypeMime handling class
oCPTYEmulate pty api
oCPtyProcessSynchronous communication with tty programs
oCRegexRegex class
oCRegexMatchRegexMatch class
oCResourceResource loader and saver
oCSipcClientSimple IPC client
oCSipcServerSimple IPC server
oCStringA (relatively simple) string implementation
oCTempFileTemporary file class
oCThemeTheming engine for widgets
oCThemeLoaderThemes loader
oCTimeA class for time manipulation
oCTimeZoneA class for getting time from desired time zone
oCTiXmlBaseXml base class
|oCTiXmlAttributeName-value pair
|\CTiXmlNodeParent class for everything in DOM
| oCTiXmlCommentA XML Comment
| oCTiXmlDeclarationXML declaration
| oCTiXmlDocumentTop level node
| oCTiXmlElementContainer xml class
| oCTiXmlTextXML text
| \CTiXmlUnknownUnknown XML element
oCTiXmlHandleWraps a node pointer
oCTiXmlVisitorSAX emulation
|\CTiXmlPrinterPrint to memory
oCXSettingsClientClient part of XSETTINGS protocol
oCXSettingsColorColor data for XSETTINGS
oCXSettingsDataMain data shared between client and manager
oCXSettingsListList internaly used by XSETTINGS classes
oCXSettingsManagerManager part of XSETTINGS protocol
\CXSettingsSettingStructure for tracking XSETTINGS values