edelib  2.1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCAnimateBoxAnimate list of images inside box
|oCColorDbX11 color database
|oCConfigA config file reader
|oCTimeZoneA class for getting time from desired time zone
|oCDateA class for date manipulation
|oCTimeA class for time manipulation
|oCDesktopFile.desktop file reader and writer
|oCDirWatchDirectory changes notifier
|oCEdbusConnectionD-Bus connection and data sender
|oCEdbusContainerAbstract container for D-Bus containers
|oCEdbusDataClass for representing D-Bus data types
|oCEdbusVariantRepresents D-Bus variant
|oCEdbusDictEntryAn entry in EdbusDict
|oCEdbusDictDictionary container for D-Bus types
|oCEdbusErrorA class representing D-Bus error
|oCEdbusListA class representing D-Bus struct and array
|oCEdbusMessageData transporter for D-Bus
|oCEdbusObjectPathRepresents D-Bus object path
|oCApplicationBootstrapEDE application bootstrapper
|oCExpandableGroupA group with applied layout on childs
|oCFileA system file io stream
|oCFontInfoBase structure for storing font information; used by FontCache
|oCFontCacheAllow readable font names and cache their access
|oCIconLoaderLoads icons with IconTheme
|oCIconThemeFinds named icon according to the given theme
|oClistLinked list class
|oCMenuBarMenu bar
|oCMenuBaseMenu base class
|oCMenuButtonButton with attached menu
|oCMenuItemThe item in menu list
|oCMenuTooltipTooltip support inside menus
|oCMessageBoxStandard dialog
|oCMimeTypeMime handling class
|oCPTYEmulate pty api
|oCPtyProcessSynchronous communication with tty programs
|oCRegexMatchRegexMatch class
|oCRegexRegex class
|oCResourceResource loader and saver
|oCSchemeEditorEditing component for Scheme language
|oCSevenSegDigital number widget
|oCSipcServerSimple IPC server
|oCSipcClientSimple IPC client
|oCStringA (relatively simple) string implementation
|oCTableBaseA base class for table widgets
|oCTempFileTemporary file class
|oCThemeTheming engine for widgets
|oCThemeLoaderThemes loader
|oCWindowWindow class
|oCXSettingsClientClient part of XSETTINGS protocol
|oCXSettingsColorColor data for XSETTINGS
|oCXSettingsSettingStructure for tracking XSETTINGS values
|oCXSettingsListList internaly used by XSETTINGS classes
|oCXSettingsDataMain data shared between client and manager
|\CXSettingsManagerManager part of XSETTINGS protocol
oCTiXmlAttributeName-value pair
oCTiXmlBaseXml base class
oCTiXmlCommentA XML Comment
oCTiXmlDeclarationXML declaration
oCTiXmlDocumentTop level node
oCTiXmlElementContainer xml class
oCTiXmlHandleWraps a node pointer
oCTiXmlNodeParent class for everything in DOM
oCTiXmlPrinterPrint to memory
oCTiXmlTextXML text
oCTiXmlUnknownUnknown XML element
\CTiXmlVisitorSAX emulation