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TiXmlVisitor Class Reference

SAX emulation. More...

#include <edelib/TiXml.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~TiXmlVisitor ()
virtual bool VisitEnter (const TiXmlDocument &doc)
virtual bool VisitExit (const TiXmlDocument &doc)
virtual bool VisitEnter (const TiXmlElement &element, const TiXmlAttribute *firstAttribute)
virtual bool VisitExit (const TiXmlElement &element)
virtual bool Visit (const TiXmlDeclaration &declaration)
virtual bool Visit (const TiXmlText &text)
virtual bool Visit (const TiXmlComment &comment)
virtual bool Visit (const TiXmlUnknown &unknown)

Detailed Description

SAX emulation.

If you call the Accept() method, it requires being passed a TiXmlVisitor class to handle callbacks. For nodes that contain other nodes (Document, Element) you will get called with a VisitEnter/VisitExit pair. Nodes that are always leaves are simple called with Visit().

If you return 'true' from a Visit method, recursive parsing will continue. If you return false, no children of this node or its sibilings will be Visited.

All flavors of Visit methods have a default implementation that returns 'true' (continue v isiting). You need to only override methods that are interesting to you.

Generally Accept() is called on the TiXmlDocument, although all nodes suppert Visiting.

You should never change the document from a callback.

See Also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~TiXmlVisitor ( )

Empty destructor

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Visit ( const TiXmlDeclaration declaration)

Visit a declaration

virtual bool Visit ( const TiXmlText text)

Visit a text node

virtual bool Visit ( const TiXmlComment comment)

Visit a comment node

virtual bool Visit ( const TiXmlUnknown unknown)

Visit an unknow node

virtual bool VisitEnter ( const TiXmlDocument doc)

Visit a document

virtual bool VisitEnter ( const TiXmlElement element,
const TiXmlAttribute firstAttribute 

Visit an element

virtual bool VisitExit ( const TiXmlDocument doc)

Visit a document

virtual bool VisitExit ( const TiXmlElement element)

Visit an element

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