edelib  2.1.0
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MenuTooltip Class Reference

Tooltip support inside menus. More...

#include <edelib/MenuTooltip.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void enter_area (Fl_Widget *w, int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *tip)
static void current (Fl_Widget *)
static Fl_Widget * current (void)

Detailed Description

Tooltip support inside menus.

This class allows menu items (see MenuItem) to have tooltips. Unfortunately, Fl_Tooltip can't be used as it does not allow displaying menu window alongside the tooltip window.

MenuTooltip is used internally by MenuItem class, so you should not use it directly; use Fl_Tooltip instead. Also MenuTooltip will use the same preferences as Fl_Tooltip, like background color, delay time, color and etc.

Member Function Documentation

static void current ( Fl_Widget *  )

Same as Fl_Tooltip::current(Fl_Widget*)

static Fl_Widget* current ( void  )

Same as Fl_Tooltip::current()

static void enter_area ( Fl_Widget *  w,
int  X,
int  Y,
int  W,
int  H,
const char *  tip 

Behaves the same as Fl_Tooltip::enter_area() member.

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