edelib  2.1.0
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EdbusError Class Reference

A class representing D-Bus error. More...

#include <edelib/EdbusError.h>

Public Member Functions

 EdbusError ()
 ~EdbusError ()
 EdbusError (const DBusError *err)
 EdbusError (const EdbusError &other)
EdbusErroroperator= (const EdbusError &other)
 EdbusError (EdbusErrorType t, const char *msg)
EdbusErrorType type (void) const
const char * name (void) const
const char * message (void) const
bool valid (void) const

Detailed Description

A class representing D-Bus error.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Create invalid error object

~EdbusError ( )

Destroys object

EdbusError ( const DBusError *  err)

Create error object from DBusError

EdbusError ( const EdbusError other)

Create error object from another object

EdbusError ( EdbusErrorType  t,
const char *  msg 

Explicitly create error with given EdbusErrorType and text

Member Function Documentation

const char* message ( void  ) const

Returns a string describing the error. It will be NULL if error is invalid

const char* name ( void  ) const

Returns the D-Bus error name. It will be NULL if error is invalid

EdbusError& operator= ( const EdbusError other)

Assing another object

EdbusErrorType type ( void  ) const

Returns error type

bool valid ( void  ) const

Returns true if error object contains valid type (any except EDBUS_ERROR_INVALID)

References edelib::EDBUS_ERROR_INVALID.

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