edelib  2.1.0
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PTY Class Reference

emulate pty api More...

#include <edelib/Pty.h>

Public Member Functions

 PTY ()
 ~PTY ()
int getpt ()
int grantpt ()
int unlockpt ()
const char * ptsname ()

Detailed Description

emulate pty api

PTY compatibility routines. This class tries to emulate a UNIX98 PTY API on various platforms.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PTY ( )

Construct a PTY object

~PTY ( )

Destructs the object. The PTY is closed if it is still open

Member Function Documentation

int getpt ( )

Allocate a pty

A filedescriptor to the master side
int grantpt ( )

Grant access to the slave side

zero if succesfull, < 0 otherwise
const char* ptsname ( )

Return the slave side name

int unlockpt ( )

Unlock the pty. This allows connections on the slave side.

Zero if successful, < 0 otherwise

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