edelib  2.1.0
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SipcClient Class Reference

Simple IPC client. More...

#include <edelib/Sipc.h>

Public Member Functions

 SipcClient ()
 ~SipcClient ()
bool connect (const char *prefix)
void send (const char *msg)

Detailed Description

Simple IPC client.

A client side of this simple IPC implementation. Clients will connects on the names servers are using and send textual messages to them.

Here is the sample:

* if(!c.connect("demo"))
* // fail
* c.send("howdy");
Message length is currently is limited to 1024 bytes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructor; prepares internal data

~SipcClient ( )

Cleans internal stuff, closes connections

Member Function Documentation

bool connect ( const char *  prefix)

Connects to the given name

false if name does not exists or some error occured
prefixis name to be connected to
void send ( const char *  msg)

Sends an message

msgis textual message

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