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Fl_ListView Class Reference

Fl_ListView.. More...

#include <Fl_ListView.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_ListView:

Fl_Table_Base Fl_Widget Fl_File_Browser List of all members.

Public Types

enum  ListViewFlags { SELECTED = 4, NON_SELECTABLE = 8, INACTIVE = 16 }
enum  TypeValues { MULTI_SELECTION = 16, WIDTH_CHANGED_NOTIFY = 32 }

Public Methods

 Fl_ListView (int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0)
 Creates new list view widget using the given position, size, and label string.

 Fl_ListView (const char *l=0, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=100)
 Creates new list view widget using the label, size, alignment, and label width.

virtual ~Fl_ListView ()

void clear ()
virtual void layout ()
virtual int handle (int event)
virtual void begin ()
virtual void end ()
virtual void fill (Fl_Data_Source &ds, const char *user_data_column_name="")
int find (const Fl_ListView_Item *item) const
int find (const Fl_ListView_Item &item) const
void insert (Fl_ListView_Item &item, int pos)
void add (Fl_ListView_Item &item)
void remove (int index)
void remove (Fl_ListView_Item &item)
void remove (Fl_ListView_Item *item)
unsigned children () const
Fl_ListView_Item * child (unsigned n) const
Fl_ListItem_List & array ()
Fl_ListView_Headerheader ()
const Fl_ListView_Headerheader () const
bool multi () const
void multi (bool val)
bool draw_stripes () const
void draw_stripes (bool v)
void damage_item (Fl_ListView_Item *i)
void damage_row (unsigned row)
void select_all_rows (int value=1)
bool unselect_all ()
void inactive_row (unsigned row, bool val)
bool inactive_row (unsigned row) const
bool inactive (Fl_ListView_Item *w) const
void selectable_row (unsigned row, bool val)
bool selectable_row (unsigned row) const
bool selectable (Fl_ListView_Item *w) const
bool selected_row (unsigned row) const
bool selected (Fl_ListView_Item *w) const
bool select_row (unsigned row, int value=1)
bool select (Fl_ListView_Item *w, int value=1)
bool select_only_row (unsigned row)
bool select_only (Fl_ListView_Item *w)
void select_items (unsigned from, unsigned to)
int selected () const
Fl_ListItem_List & get_selection ()
const Fl_ListItem_List & get_selection () const
void current_row (unsigned row)
unsigned current_row () const
Fl_ListView_Item * item (Fl_ListView_Item *i)
Fl_ListView_Item * item () const
Fl_ListView_Item * item_at (int Y) const
int row_at (int Y) const
bool show_item (Fl_ListView_Item *w)
Fl_ListView_Item * prev ()
Fl_ListView_Item * next ()
int prev_row ()
int next_row ()
virtual int sort (int column)
int sort_col () const
void sort_col (int col)
int sort_type () const
void sort_type (int t)
Fl_ListView_Item * find_userdata (void *data, unsigned start_index=0, unsigned end_index=0) const
Fl_ListView_Item * find_text (const char *text, int column=-1, unsigned start_index=0, unsigned end_index=0) const
int find_userdata_row (void *data, unsigned start_index=0, unsigned end_index=0) const
int find_text_row (const char *text, int column=-1, unsigned start_index=0, unsigned end_index=0) const
int type_in_mode () const
void type_in_mode (int v)
void reset_search ()
const Fl_Stringsearch_str () const
Fl_ListView_Column * add_column (const char *name, int width=-1, Fl_Variant_Type column_type=VAR_STRING)
bool remove_column (const char *name)
void remove_column (unsigned index)
void clear_columns ()
Fl_ListView_Column * column (unsigned c)
const Fl_ListView_Column * column (unsigned c) const
unsigned columns () const
void columns (unsigned count)
void find_default_sizes ()
int preferred_col_width (int col)
bool width_changed_notify () const
void width_changed_notify (bool v)
void resetup ()
Fl_ListView_Item * top ()
void clear_selection ()
void recalc_totalheight ()
void scroll_up (int pixels=20)
void scroll_down (int pixels=20)
int column_width (int c) const
void column_width (int c, int w)
Fl_Variant_Type column_type (int c) const
void column_type (int c, Fl_Variant_Type t)
const char * column_name (int c) const
void column_name (int c, const char *name)
int column_flags (int c) const
void column_flags (int c, int f)
const Fl_Imagecolumn_image (int c) const
Fl_Imagecolumn_image (int c)
void column_image (int c, Fl_Image *im)
void column_image (int c, Fl_Image &im)

Static Public Attributes

Fl_ListView * current

Protected Methods

virtual void table_draw (TableContext context, unsigned R=0, unsigned C=0, int X=0, int Y=0, int W=0, int H=0)
virtual void table_layout (TableContext context, unsigned row, unsigned col)
virtual int table_handle (TableContext context, unsigned row, unsigned col, int event)
virtual void draw_row (unsigned row, int w, int h) const
virtual int handle_key ()
virtual bool match_text (const Fl_String &key, const char *text) const

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