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Fl_String Class Reference

Fl_String. More...

#include <Fl_String.h>

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Public Methods

 Fl_String (char c, int repeater=1)
 Fl_String (int number)
 Fl_String (unsigned number)
 Fl_String (const char *s="", int maxlen=0, bool pre_allocated=false)
 Fl_String (const Fl_String &s)
 ~Fl_String ()
void clear ()
Fl_String & operator= (const char *s)
Fl_String & operator= (const Fl_String &s)
Fl_String operator+ (const char *s) const
Fl_String operator+ (const Fl_String &s) const
Fl_String operator+ (const char s) const
Fl_String & operator+= (const char *s)
Fl_String & operator+= (const Fl_String &s)
Fl_String & operator+= (const char s)
bool operator! () const
Fl_String & append (const char *str, int len)
Fl_String & prepend (const char *str, int len)
bool cmp (Fl_String &s) const
bool casecmp (Fl_String &s) const
Fl_String trim_right () const
Fl_String trim_left () const
Fl_String trim () const
Fl_String remove (const char *pattern) const
Fl_String replace (const char *pattern, const char *replacement) const
Fl_String lower_case () const
Fl_String upper_case () const
Fl_String sub_str (int start, int count) const
void sub_delete (int start, int count=1)
void sub_delete (const char *s)
void sub_insert (int start, const char *str)
void sub_insert (int start, char ch)
void sub_replace (const char *s_str, const char *r_str)
int length () const
int pos (const char *substr, int index=0) const
int pos (int c, int index=0) const
int rpos (int c, int index=0) const
int to_int (int defvalue=0) const
float to_float (float defvalue=0) const
double to_double (double defvalue=0) const
bool empty () const
void set_length (int new_len)
const char * c_str () const
Fl_String & printf (const char *str,...)
 operator const char * () const
 operator char * () const
 operator const uchar * () const
 operator uchar * () const
char & operator[] (const int i)
char operator[] (const int i) const
int to_latin1 (char *&str)
int to_unicode (unsigned short *&str)

Static Public Methods

Fl_String from_latin1 (const char *str, int str_len)
Fl_String from_unicode (const unsigned short *str, int str_len)
Fl_String from_codeset (int conv_index, const char *str, int str_len)
Fl_String from_codeset (Fl_String codeset, const char *str, int str_len)

Static Public Attributes

Fl_String null_object

Protected Methods

void assign (const char *str, int len)

Protected Attributes

char * str_
unsigned len_


FL_API Fl_String operator+ (const char *, const Fl_String &rhs)

Detailed Description


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