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Fl_Data_Source Class Reference

Fl_Data_Source. More...

#include <Fl_Data_Source.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_Data_Source:

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Public Methods

 Fl_Data_Source (Fl_Group *group)
virtual ~Fl_Data_Source ()
void parent (Fl_Group *p)
Fl_Group * parent ()
virtual const Fl_Variantoperator[] (const char *field_name) const=0
virtual Fl_Variantoperator[] (const char *field_name)=0
virtual unsigned record_count () const=0
virtual unsigned field_count () const=0
virtual int field_index (const char *) const
virtual const Fl_Variantoperator[] (int) const=0
virtual Fl_Variantoperator[] (int)=0
virtual const Fl_Data_Fieldfield (int field_index) const=0
virtual Fl_Data_Fieldfield (int field_index)=0
virtual void * user_data () const
virtual bool read_field (const char *fname, Fl_Variant &value)=0
virtual bool write_field (const char *fname, const Fl_Variant &fvalue)=0
virtual bool open ()
virtual bool close ()
virtual bool first ()
virtual bool next ()
virtual bool prior ()
virtual bool last ()
virtual bool find (Fl_Variant position)
virtual bool eof () const
bool load ()
bool save ()

Protected Methods

virtual bool load_data ()=0
virtual bool save_data ()=0

Protected Attributes

Fl_Group * m_parent


class Fl_Group

Detailed Description


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