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Fl_Variant Class Reference

Fl_Variant. More...

#include <Fl_Variant.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_Variant:

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Public Methods

 Fl_Variant ()
 Fl_Variant (int v)
 Fl_Variant (float v)
 Fl_Variant (const char *v)
 Fl_Variant (const Fl_String &v)
 Fl_Variant (const void *v, int sz)
 Fl_Variant (Fl_Date_Time value)
 ~Fl_Variant ()
bool null ()
void set_int (int value)
void set_float (double value)
void set_string (const char *value, int maxlen=0)
void set_text (const char *value)
void set_buffer (const void *value, int sz)
void set_image_ptr (const Fl_Image *value)
void set_date (Fl_Date_Time value)
void set_datetime (Fl_Date_Time value)
void resize_buffer (int sz)
int as_int () const
double as_float () const
Fl_String as_string () const
bool as_bool () const
Fl_Date_Time as_date () const
Fl_Date_Time as_datetime () const
const Fl_Imageas_image () const
int get_int () const
 Direct access to the data - use correctly with type(). More...

double get_float () const
const char * get_string () const
const void * get_buffer () const
const Fl_Imageget_image_ptr () const
Fl_Date_Time get_date () const
Fl_Date_Time get_datetime () const
 operator int () const
 operator double () const
 operator const char * () const
 operator const Fl_Image * () const
 operator Fl_Date_Time () const
Fl_Variant_Type type () const
int size () const
void * data () const
Fl_Variant & operator= (const Fl_Variant &C)
Fl_Variant & operator= (const char *s)
Fl_Variant & operator= (const Fl_String &s)
Fl_Variant & operator= (int v)
Fl_Variant & operator= (double v)
Fl_Variant & operator= (Fl_Date_Time dt)
Fl_Variant & operator= (const Fl_Image *pm)

Static Public Attributes

Fl_Variant null_object

Protected Methods

void set_data (const Fl_Variant &C)
void free_buffers ()

Detailed Description


Definition at line 46 of file Fl_Variant.h.

Member Function Documentation

int Fl_Variant::get_int   const [inline]

Direct access to the data - use correctly with type().

There is no conversion performed.

Definition at line 85 of file Fl_Variant.h.

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