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Fl_ListView_Header Class Reference

Fl_ListView_Header. More...

#include <Fl_ListView_Header.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_ListView_Header:

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Public Methods

 Fl_ListView_Header (Fl_ListView *parent)
virtual ~Fl_ListView_Header ()
void show ()
void hide ()
virtual void draw (int col, int width, int height)
virtual void draw ()
virtual int handle (int col, int event)
virtual int handle (int event)
bool capture_events () const
void parent (Fl_ListView *p)
Fl_ListViewparent () const
void clear ()
void add_column (const char *name, int w=-1, Fl_Variant_Type column_type=VAR_STRING)
void add_column (const Fl_String &name, int w=-1, Fl_Variant_Type column_type=VAR_STRING)
void columns (int count)
unsigned columns () const
int column_width (int col) const
void column_width (int col, int w)
Fl_Variant_Type column_type (int col) const
void column_type (int col, Fl_Variant_Type w)
Fl_Flags column_flags (int col, int f)
Fl_Flags column_flags (int col) const
Fl_Flags column_set_flag (int col, int f)
Fl_Flags column_clear_flag (int col, int f)
Fl_Flags column_invert_flag (int col, int f)
const Fl_Stringcolumn_label () const
const Fl_Stringcolumn_label (int col) const
void column_label (int col, const char *text)
void column_label (int col, const Fl_String &text)
void column_copy_label (int col, const char *txt)
Fl_Font column_label_font (int col) const
int column_label_size (int col) const
Fl_Color column_label_color (int col) const
void column_label_size (int col, int size)
void column_label_font (int col, Fl_Font font)
void column_label_color (int col, Fl_Color color)
void column_image (int col, Fl_Image *im)
void column_image (int col, Fl_Image &im)
Fl_Imagecolumn_image (int col)
const Fl_Imagecolumn_image (int col) const

Static Public Attributes


Protected Methods

void set_capture (int col)
int get_capture () const

Detailed Description


Definition at line 12 of file Fl_ListView_Header.h.

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