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Fl_Menu_ Class Reference

Fl_Menu_. More...

#include <Fl_Menu_.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_Menu_:

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Public Types


Public Methods

 Fl_Menu_ ()
 Default ctor.

 Fl_Menu_ (int, int, int, int, const char *l=0)
 Traditional ctor.

 Fl_Menu_ (const char *l, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=-1)
 New style ctor.

Fl_List * list () const
void list (Fl_List *l)
int children (const int *indexes, int level) const
int children () const
Fl_Widgetchild (const int *indexes, int level) const
Fl_Widgetchild (int index) const
Fl_Widgetitem () const
Fl_Widgetitem (Fl_Widget *v)
bool focus (const int *indexes, int level)
Fl_Widgetget_focus ()
int value () const
void value (int v)
int size () const
virtual int popup (int x, int y, int w=0, int h=0)
int handle_shortcut ()
void execute (Fl_Widget *)
void global ()
Fl_Widgetfind (const char *label) const
Fl_Widgetadd (const char *, int shortcut, Fl_Callback *, void *=0, int=0)
Fl_Widgetreplace (const char *, int scut, Fl_Callback *, void *=0, int=0)
Fl_Widgetadd (const char *, void *)
Fl_Widgetadd (const char *)
Fl_Widgetinsert (int n, const char *s, void *data=0)
void remove (const char *l)
void add (Fl_Widget &o)
void add (Fl_Widget *o)
void insert (Fl_Widget &o, int n)
void replace (int index, Fl_Widget &o)
void replace (Fl_Widget &old, Fl_Widget &o)
void remove (int index)
void remove (Fl_Widget &o)
void remove (Fl_Widget *o)
void anim_flags (int f)
int anim_flags ()
void copy (const Fl_Menu_Item *m, void *data=0)
void menu (const Fl_Menu_Item *m)
void replace (int n, const char *s)
void replace (const char *l, const char *s)
void shortcut (const char *l, int s)
void shortcut (int s)
int shortcut () const
void shortcut (int i, int s)
unsigned mode (int i) const
unsigned mode (const char *l) const
const Fl_Stringtext (int i) const
const Fl_Stringtext () const
int effect_type ()
void effect_type (int v)
float delay ()
void delay (float v)
float anim_speed ()
void anim_speed (float v)

Static Public Methods

void default_callback (Fl_Widget *, void *)
int default_effect_type ()
void default_effect_type (int v)
float default_delay ()
void default_delay (float v)
float default_anim_speed ()
void default_anim_speed (float v)
bool effects ()
void effects (bool v)
bool subwindow_effect ()
void subwindow_effect (bool v)

Public Attributes

Fl_Callback * about_to_show
Fl_Callback * about_to_hide

Protected Attributes

int anim_flags_

Static Protected Attributes

bool key_event


class MenuWindow

Detailed Description


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