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Fl_MDI_Viewport Class Reference

Viewport is MDI window container. More...

#include <Fl_Workspace.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_MDI_Viewport:

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Public Methods

 Fl_MDI_Viewport (int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label=0)
virtual ~Fl_MDI_Viewport ()
void redraw_all ()
void relayout_all ()
void taskbar (Fl_MDI_Bar *bar)
Fl_MDI_Bartaskbar ()
Fl_MDI_Windowfind (const char *caption)
void attach (Fl_MDI_Window *win)
void detach (Fl_MDI_Window *w)
void close_all ()
Fl_MDI_Windowaot ()
void aot (Fl_MDI_Window *win)
Fl_MDI_Windowmaximum ()
void maximum (Fl_MDI_Window *win)
void top (Fl_MDI_Window *win)
Fl_MDI_Windowtop ()
int cnt_windows ()
void cycle_windows ()
void scrolldy (int dy)
void scrolldx (int dx)
virtual void layout ()
virtual int handle (int ev)
virtual void draw ()
void menu (Fl_Menu_Bar *menu)
Fl_Menu_Barmenu ()

Static Public Attributes



class Fl_MDI_Window

Detailed Description

Viewport is MDI window container.

It handles most common MDI needs like:

Viewport can be "scrolled", using scrolld* functions. These will only move all childrens in layout, according dx and dy. See FLE_WorkSpace for information about that.

Basically Viewport is only used, if you dont want nothing special in mdi container, like scrollbars. For more container advanced See FLE_WorkSpace

Definition at line 55 of file Fl_Workspace.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Fl_MDI_Viewport::Fl_MDI_Viewport int    x,
int    y,
int    w,
int    h,
const char *    label = 0

Constructs widget with given coordinates.

virtual Fl_MDI_Viewport::~Fl_MDI_Viewport   [inline, virtual]

Deletes widget and all its children.

Definition at line 68 of file Fl_Workspace.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::aot Fl_MDI_Window   win [inline]

win  As MDI window to set. Sets "Always On Top" MDI window. And relayouts viewport.
See also:

Definition at line 118 of file Fl_Workspace.h.

Fl_MDI_Window* Fl_MDI_Viewport::aot   [inline]

Returns "Always On Top" MDI window.

See also:
aot(Fl_MDI_Window *win)

Definition at line 112 of file Fl_Workspace.h.

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::aot().

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::attach Fl_MDI_Window   win

win  As window to attach. Attachs MDI window.

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::attach().

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::close_all  

Closes all MDI windows.

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::close_all().

int Fl_MDI_Viewport::cnt_windows  

Returns number of all visible MDI windows.

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::cycle_windows  

Cycles windows, sets next window to active.

See also:
top(Fl_MDI_Window *win)

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::detach Fl_MDI_Window   w

win  As window to detach. Detachs MDI window. (makes it toplevel)

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::detach().

virtual void Fl_MDI_Viewport::draw   [virtual]

Draws all MDI windows and other childrens.

Reimplemented from Fl_Window.

Fl_MDI_Window* Fl_MDI_Viewport::find const char *    caption

caption  As a string to match with window caption. Finds MDI window by titlebar caption.
Returns pointer to window if found, otherwise 0.

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::find().

virtual int Fl_MDI_Viewport::handle int    ev [virtual]

ev  As a FLTK event number passed to function This handles only keyboard clicks. If you override this and want ALT+TAB cycles windows you should call this also.

Reimplemented from Fl_Window.

virtual void Fl_MDI_Viewport::layout   [virtual]

This is called, when widget changes its size or relayout called by user. This makes sure that aot window is actually always on top. And layouts minimized windows to left-bottom corner of viewport. If you override this, you should call this at the beginning of function.

Reimplemented from Fl_Window.

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::maximum Fl_MDI_Window   win

win  As MDI window to set. Sets "Maximum" MDI window.
See also:

Fl_MDI_Window* Fl_MDI_Viewport::maximum   [inline]

Returns "Maximum" MDI window, if there is one.

Otherwise returns 0

See also:
maximum(Fl_MDI_Window *w)

Definition at line 126 of file Fl_Workspace.h.

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::maximum().

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::menu Fl_Menu_Bar   menu [inline]

Set or get menubar, where min/max/close buttons are located when maximized

Definition at line 193 of file Fl_Workspace.h.

References menu().

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::menu(), and menu().

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::redraw_all  

Force to redraw all MDI windows

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::redraw_all().

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::relayout_all  

Force to relayout all MDI windows

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::relayout_all().

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::scrolldx int    dx [inline]

dx  As a +/- pixels to move all children This will move childrens horizontally by dx, when layout gets called next time. Please, DO NOT use this, unless you are knowing what yuo are doing.
See also:
scrolldy(int dy)

Definition at line 170 of file Fl_Workspace.h.

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::scrolldy int    dy [inline]

dy  As a +/- pixels to move all children This will move childrens vertically by dy, when layout gets called next time. Please, DO NOT use this, unless you are knowing what yuo are doing.
See also:
scrolldx(int dx)

Definition at line 163 of file Fl_Workspace.h.

Fl_MDI_Window* Fl_MDI_Viewport::top   [inline]

Returns current active window.

See also:
top(Fl_MDI_Window *win)

Definition at line 144 of file Fl_Workspace.h.

void Fl_MDI_Viewport::top Fl_MDI_Window   win

win  As a MDI window to set. Activate and set MDI window to top of the window stack.
See also:

Referenced by Fl_Workspace::top().

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