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Fl_Window Class Reference

Fl_Window. More...

#include <Fl_Window.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_Window:

Fl_Widget Fl_Dialog Fl_Double_Window Fl_Main_Window Fl_MDI_Viewport Fl_MDI_Window Fl_Single_Window Fl_Data_Dialog Fl_File_Chooser Fl_Overlay_Window Fl_Shaped_Window Fl_Help_Dialog Fl_Menu_Window Fl_Popup_Window List of all members.

Public Methods

 Fl_Window (int, int, int, int, const char *=0)
 Fl_Window (int, int, const char *=0)
virtual ~Fl_Window ()
void window_type (int type)
int window_type ()
const Fl_Stringlabel () const
const Fl_Stringiconlabel () const
void copy_label (const char *l)
void copy_label (const Fl_String &l)
void label (const char *l)
void label (const Fl_String &l)
void iconlabel (const char *il)
void iconlabel (const Fl_String &il)
void label (const char *l, const char *il)
void label (const Fl_String &l, const Fl_String &il)
const void * icon () const
void icon (const void *ic)
void clear_border ()
bool border () const
void set_override ()
bool override () const
const Fl_Window * child_of () const
void child_of (const Fl_Window *w)
void set_modal ()
void set_non_modal ()
void hotspot (int x, int y, bool offscreen=false)
void hotspot (const Fl_Widget *, bool offscreen=false)
void hotspot (const Fl_Widget &p, bool offscrn=false)
bool shown () const
void show ()
void show (int, char **)
void show (const Fl_Window *parent)
void show_inside (const Fl_Window *parent)
bool exec (const Fl_Window *parent=0, bool grab=false)
void iconize ()
bool iconic () const
virtual void destroy ()
void fullscreen ()
void fullscreen_off (int, int, int, int)
void make_current () const
void cursor (Fl_Cursor, Fl_Color=FL_BLACK, Fl_Color=FL_WHITE)
virtual int handle (int)
virtual void layout ()
virtual void flush ()
virtual void draw ()
void size_range (int minw, int minh, int maxw=0, int maxh=0, int dw=0, int dh=0)
bool has_size_range ()
int minw ()
int minh ()
int maxw ()
int maxh ()
int dw ()
int dh ()

Static Public Methods

const Fl_Stringxclass ()
void xclass (const char *v)
void xclass (const Fl_String &v)
const Fl_Window * current ()
void default_callback (Fl_Window *, void *v)

Static Public Attributes


Protected Methods

virtual void create ()

Static Protected Attributes

const Fl_Window * current_


class Fl_X

Detailed Description


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