EDE User Guide

This manual introduces EDE Desktop and will help you to learn and perform daily tasks.


EDE stands for Equinox Desktop Environment and is easy-to-use graphical interface for UNIX-like operating systems, with goals to be fast and light on system resource usage.

EDE resembles familiar look and feel which makes it easy to pick up by beginners but also ready for usage by professionals.


InstallationHowTo explains in detail how to install EDE and dependencies on your system. You should first search binary packages for your system before deciding to compile EDE from source code.

Logging In

By default, EDE does not come with login manager, but can use system provided one or can be easily started from console. Depending on your OS or distribution, you can use lightdm, gdm, slim or many more.

If you correctly installed EDE, you should get it as option in your login manager session list, like: