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EDE can be configured in many aspects.

You don't like the default behaviour of something? Don't panic! There's a good chance that you can change it. (And if you really can't, feel free to post a feature request on the bug tracker!)

Graphical configuration

The more obvious way to adjust EDE's behaviour is via the graphical configuration tools (see screenshots below).

The “Configuration place” can be accessed from the menu in the settings category.

It provides six tools to customize EDE to your liking. These should be pretty self-explanatory.

Background and icons

Here you can change the background colour or set a wallpaper, change icon properties and fonts.


This tool lets you configure a screensaver.

Time and date

Displays a calendar and a clock.

System bell

Provides volume control.


Lets you choose a keyboard layout for your country.

Preferred applications

Set your preferred terminal emulator, file manager, browser and mail client.