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Regular binary packages (version 2.1)

EDE is available in binary form on some distributions. This means that packages exist which can simply be installed using the native package management on these systems. No need for you to compile EDE yourself if you don't want to.

Linux distributions
Arch Linux packages for both i686 and x86_64 are available through our Arch Linux repository.
See EDEOnArchLinux for instructions.
Pre-built packages (including FLTK 1.3) for i486 and x86_64 on Slackware 14.1 are available from our Slackware repository.
See EDEOnSlackware for instructions.
ArchBSD packages are available only for x86_64 at the time being from our ArchBSD repository.
See EDEOnArchBSD for instructions.

EXPERIMENTAL binary packages (version 2.1)

These packages are for testing purposes only. DO NOT use them on a productive system! Please try to provide feedback if you try them out.

Linux distributions
EXPERIMENTAL Alpine Linux packages are available for x86 with the vanilla kernel! Download them from the Alpine Linux repository.
See EDEOnAlpineLinux for instructions.
EXPERIMENTAL Debian (wheezy) packages are available for i386 and amd64 from the Debian Linux repository.
See EDEOnDebianLinux for instructions.

Old binary packages (version 2.0)

Sometimes it can be handy to have packages for older releases of some distribution. For that reason we try to keep those available. Of course it doesn't make sense to keep old packages for rolling release distributions.

Linux distributions
Old packages for i486 and x86_64 on Slackware 14.0 are available from our Slackware repository.
See EDEOnSlackware for instructions.
OpenBSD (since 5.4) packages EDE (2.0) for i386, amd64, hppa, mips64, powerpc and sparc64 as well as (since 5.5) mips64el!
Get it from any official mirror. See EDEOnOpenBSD for instructions.