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Bugzilla issues resolved

Recent issue with Bugzilla is solved now. If you still find any problems with it, please contact us on EDE forum. Thanks!

Bugzilla issues

We are experiencing an issue with Bugzilla connecting to MySQL database, probably due upgrade performed by our hosting company. The issue will be, hopefully, resolved soon.

EDE 2.1 released

This is stability release for both EDE and edelib. It brings many small bugfixes and features like conditional DBus support, new battery applet for panel, menu tooltips, improved desktop icon handling and more.

For change summary, please visit 2.1 ChangeLog and for downloads, download section.

Binary packages for distributions should be updated in the next couple of days.

Updated wiki version

DokuWiki is updated to the latest version, including needed plugins and theme. Content and media files should be left intact, but if you notice some is, let us know.

Wiki is up now

Wiki pages are up now, powered with the latest DokuWiki version. Previous wiki based on MoinMoin, had to be retired due often DDoS attacks and inability to upgrade it to the latest version: our hosting provider has old python version without an option for upgrade.

Most of the pages are migrated so if you find something is missing, please fill an issue report or leave a message on forum. Thanks for your patience!

Wiki temporarily down

Wiki will be temporarily down for migration and upgrade, so please head on Sourceforge project page for project details and download links.

Arch Linux packages available

Thanks to kraileth, EDE now has Arch Linux packages, available on custom repository. Please check Installing EDE on Arch Linux for details how to setup custom repository and which packages to download.

Site is back online

EDE site was down for a couple of hours due HDD errors. Thanks to our hosting company, disk was replaced with restored data.

Everything should be up now, including wiki and bugzilla.

Ubuntu 12.04 based distribution with EDE

Latest EDE version got new distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04. This awesome job was done by Remastersys guys and the details what comes with it, you can find on this forum post.

EDE 2.0 released

Finally, after more than 5 years of work on the major release, we are pleased to announce the release of EDE desktop 2.0, a new version with a lot of goodies.

The most important news is how EDE is now fully FLTK 1.x powered, removing eFLTK as dependency. This will make EDE more approachable as FLTK is standard library on almost every distribution, backed with good community, active development and excellent documentation.

Also, EDE 2.0 is freedesktop.org friendly. With every new release (alpha, beta and now 2.0) support is improved, adding various new specifications. Now EDE will understand system menus, load desktop icons, read icon themes, cooperate with other toolkits and more.

Grab files, compile, play and report if something breaks.

EDE 2.0 beta released

We are pleased to announce the second, testing release, for upcoming EDE 2.0 version. As usualy, this release comes with a bunch of changes, summarized in relese notes.

Screenshot section is updated with some new shots, so please be gentle :)

Download instructions can be found on download pages. Also, make sure to check Beta Installation Howto.

Wiki changed

We are switched to MoinMoin, merging previous wiki pages. Things are little bit updated and some page content is moved to wiki, mainly for easier maintenance.

EDE 2.0 alpha released

We are pleased to announce the first, major 2.0 EDE release, we have been working on it for the last three years.

There is a lot of new stuff and code, but the most important changes are replacing eFLTK usage with FLTK, introducing our brand new edelib library and syncing with the fredesktop.org standards.

Please note that this is still alpha an release, meant for those who would like to contribute to the project.

Installation instructions can be found at 2.0 Installation HowTo.

Issue tracker changed

The new issue tracker, powered by Bugzilla is now on http://bugs.equinox-project.org, so please report future requests there.

gcc 4.3.2 patch

Thierry, from Nutyx project, completed a long standing eFLTK patch for the newer gcc version(s). Currently a patch is located here and I'm hoping to apply it on the svn soon.

You can see whole thread about this problem and provided solution.

EDE got review, slashdotted, news repost and the rest...

As we get noted by our hosting provider, they did some significant hardware upgrade which required data moving and etc. (that includes this site too). ...and during that move, some news I posted are lost ;-(, so this is a second try (with backup, of course).

EDE was reviewed by linux.com team and you can find it at this link. This got on slashdot too!!! :-)

Also, Trac (wiki and tracker) is now up. There are some small changes that needs to be reconfigured due this backup/move/restore but that should not be an issue (hopefully ;-)).

Wiki and bug tracker temporary down

Our wiki and bug tracker (Trac powered) are temporary down due bad python upgrade. Things should be hopefully resolved soon.

Bandwidth problems

We had a small bandwidth problems last two days and the site was mostly offline. The issue is fixed, thanks to quick response from our hosting provider.

1.2 released

This is a bugfix release of EDE and 2.0.7 eFLTK packages (and hopefully the last one of 1.x code and the last eFLTK release).

It comes with improved support for 64-bit platforms, redesigned epanelconf and full German and French translations, thanks to our contributors. Also big thanks goes to the Zaurus team and users who found odd big-endian bug in eFLTK.

Details you can find at EDE and eFLTK changelogs or at the finished 1.2 milestone.

From this release, EDE and eFLTK besides the usual way, can be downloaded via netinstall script too. Details about other download methods you can find at the download page.

These releases are planned to retire development of EDE 1.x series and eFLTK, so we can be fully focused on FLTK powered EDE 2.0. With the exception of truly critical bugs, all further reported bugs will be queued for 2.0 alpha or beta.

Work update

To show you that we don't sleeping, here is a small update of the current work on 2.0 version.

In short, 2.0 will be based on FLTK 1.x due many reasons (details are in above post), fully freedeskop compliant and much much more :)

In the mean time, there is some preparation for release from 1.x series which will mostly try to address some of the current bugs (including infamous gcc 4.x compilation warnings).

EDE metapackage in Mandriva

Adam Williamson from Mandriva created EDE metapackage (task-ede) which will install EDE plus all apps on the default menu layout.

Both EDE and efltk packages are in /contrib/backports repository for 2007 Spring. Documentation about using /backports repositories you can find at Mandriva's wiki.

We can say: Big Thanks !!!

EDE on swax

swax is a project based on OpenBSD that uses EDE as default desktop environment. Yea, on OpenBSD !

Project is still in the beginning, but looks very promising :). Make sure to check swax pages for the details.

Ubuntu installation howto

TigerC10 added a tutorial for Ubuntu users. This tutorial covers ede and efltk compilation and installation from the latest repository source.

You can found it at wiki under UbuntuInstallation.

Tracker moved

Our default bug report system is now based on Trac, and is located at http://equinox-project.org/cgi-bin/trac.cgi, with the rest of nifty things that trac supports.

Bug datatabase is migrated too, so from now, please report all bugs, features or add patches to appropriate section.


After a looooong period of laziness in the web space (this can't be say for the repository), here is an update with a new, cool stuff.

First of all, as you can see, we have a new domain, equinox-project.org. Also, we found a new home for web pages (and tracker, soon) thanks to the guys at Sohlius,Inc. (Thanks !!!)

Some pages are probably missing or not updated; this is due current transition, so if you see some 404 or 500 errors, you know what is going on :)

Next :) is that we finally got #ede channel at Freenode. This would not be possible without Freenode admins, so a big Thanks! goes to them too. If you find some spare time or want to ask or chat about EDE, you know the destination :)

And what was done in the mean time? The best way to find out is to check logs at http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ede/ since they will not definitely fit here (due their size, of course :))

OSX Panther-like skin

Ed B. filled themes section with new EDE-Linther theme. It's like OSX Panther, originally a Fluxbox theme like he said. Excelent job and refreshing look is our comment.

A new distro using EDE

STX (pronounced: sticks) is a LiveCD distro based on Debian/Mepis that has chosen Equinox Desktop Environment as its default and only graphical environment. This distro in our opinion has a very solid implementation of EDE and it's a good way to try out EDE without installing it on your computer.

Please remember that this is a very early version and it's still under development.

Link: http://stibs.cc/stx/

New theme

Thanks to STIBS, we have new original theme called stx. This is default theme for upcoming new version of STX linux ditribution. You can find it in themes section for download.

1.0.4 is released

New version is ready for download. The most important feature is full FreeBSD support. Among other changes are many fixes for reported bugs and inclusion of key configuration tool (ekeyconf).

Also it is worth to mention that Vedran did a grunt work to bring this release, so all appreciations should go to him. Here is his note:

"I would like to thank Google Summer of Code for funding my work on (among else) EDE 1.0.4. Thanks guys! You rock :) ":Vedran

Currently only source archive is uploaded, but soon should be done the same for distribution specific packages. Changelog is placed on thislink.

Themes update

EddieX refreshed themes section with five excelent new themes: EdeAirlock, EdeDetroit, EdeOpus3, EdeOpusBlue and EdeSmoke. Make sure to check them.


Themes section is added. This is the latest theme list pulled from cvs module themes. If you have proposals or want to make new entry, mail us and we will happily include it.

New page

Well as you can see new page is uploaded. After messing with css compatibility in various browsers (almost two weeks!) and testing xhtml 1.0 support, here is the final work. If you have reasonably browser it should look fine. For those un-reasonably pieces of code, nothing can be done. Next in TODO lists is to check and update content.

If you see something that should not be seen or something broken, please mail us or leave message on forum.

Package fix

EDE source package was uploaded with little bug in configure script - it couldn't recognize efltk 2.0.5. Thanks to Bowman for notice, this is fixed and source package is replaced.

Release 1.0.3

Today, Friday, April 29, 2005, is nice and sunny day; a perfect day for release. This is mostly bugfix version, and we are hoping that you will encounter less crashes and odd behaviors. So, the summary is 1.0.3 version for EDE following 2.0.5 version for efltk. Changelogs are located at link for EDE and at link for efltk.

Sources can be obtained from usual download section. Binary packages for distributions should be available during the next week.