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Fl_Valuator Class Reference

Fl_Valuator. More...

#include <Fl_Valuator.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_Valuator:

Fl_Widget Fl_Dial Fl_Roller Fl_Slider Fl_Value_Input Fl_Line_Dial Fl_Hor_Fill_Slider Fl_Hor_Nice_Slider Fl_Hor_Slider Fl_Nice_Slider Fl_Scrollbar Fl_Value_Slider Fl_Value_Output List of all members.

Public Methods

double value () const
int value (double)
float minimum () const
void minimum (double a)
float maximum () const
void maximum (double a)
void range (double a, double b)
float step () const
void step (double a)
float linesize () const
void linesize (double a)
virtual int format (char *)
virtual void reset ()
int handle (int)

Protected Methods

 Fl_Valuator (int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *L)
 Creates the valuator widget using the given position, size, and label string.

 Fl_Valuator (const char *l=0, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=100)
 Creates the valuator widget using the label, size, alignment, and label_width.

void ctor_init ()
double previous_value () const
void handle_push ()
void handle_drag (double newvalue)
void handle_release ()
virtual void value_damage ()
void set_value (double v)

Detailed Description


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