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Fl_Text_Editor Class Reference

Fl_Text_Editor. More...

#include <Fl_Text_Editor.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_Text_Editor:

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Public Types

typedef int(* Key_Func )(int key, Fl_Text_Editor *editor)

Public Methods

 Fl_Text_Editor (int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0)
 Creates new text editor widget using the given position, size, and label string.

 Fl_Text_Editor (const char *l=0, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=-1)
 Creates new input widget using the label, size, alignment, and label width.

 ~Fl_Text_Editor ()

virtual int handle (int e)
void insert_mode (int b)
int insert_mode ()
void add_key_binding (int key, int state, Key_Func f, Key_Binding **list)
void add_key_binding (int key, int state, Key_Func f)
void remove_key_binding (int key, int state, Key_Binding **list)
void remove_key_binding (int key, int state)
void remove_all_key_bindings (Key_Binding **list)
void remove_all_key_bindings ()
void add_default_key_bindings (Key_Binding **list)
Key_Func bound_key_function (int key, int state, Key_Binding *list)
Key_Func bound_key_function (int key, int state)
void default_key_function (Key_Func f)
void insert (const char *text)
void overstrike (const char *text)

Static Public Methods

int kf_default (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_ignore (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_backspace (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_enter (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_move (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_shift_move (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_ctrl_move (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_c_s_move (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_home (int, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_end (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_left (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_up (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_right (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_down (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_page_up (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_page_down (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_insert (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_delete (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_copy (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_cut (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_undo (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_paste (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)
int kf_select_all (int c, Fl_Text_Editor *e)

Static Public Attributes


Protected Methods

int handle_key ()

Protected Attributes

int insert_mode_
Key_Binding * key_bindings
Key_Func default_key_function_

Static Protected Attributes

Key_Binding * global_key_bindings

Detailed Description


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