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Fl_Text_Display Class Reference

Fl_Text_Display. More...

#include <Fl_Text_Display.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_Text_Display:

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Public Types

typedef void(* Unfinished_Style_Cb )(Fl_Text_Display *disp, int pos, void *arg)
enum  {
enum  { DRAG_CHAR = 0, DRAG_WORD = 1, DRAG_LINE = 2 }

Public Methods

 Fl_Text_Display (int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0)
 Creates new text display widget using the given position, size, and label string.

 Fl_Text_Display (const char *l=0, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=-1)
 Creates new text display widget using the label, size, alignment, and label width.

 ~Fl_Text_Display ()

virtual void layout ()
virtual void draw ()
virtual int handle (int e)
void buffer (Fl_Text_Buffer *buf)
void buffer (Fl_Text_Buffer &buf)
Fl_Text_Bufferbuffer ()
Fl_Text_Bufferstyle_buffer ()
void redisplay_range (int start, int end)
void scroll (int topLineNum, int horizOffset)
void insert (const char *text)
void overstrike (const char *text)
void insert_position (int newPos)
int insert_position ()
int in_selection (int x, int y)
void show_insert_position ()
int move_right ()
int move_left ()
int move_up (int lines=1)
int move_down (int lines=1)
int count_lines (int start, int end, bool start_pos_is_line_start)
int line_start (int pos)
int line_end (int pos, bool start_pos_is_line_start)
int skip_lines (int startPos, int nLines, bool startPosIsLineStart)
int rewind_lines (int startPos, int nLines)
void next_word (void)
void previous_word (void)
void show_cursor (int b=1)
void hide_cursor ()
void cursor_style (int style)
Fl_Color cursor_color () const
void cursor_color (Fl_Color c)
int word_start (int pos)
int word_end (int pos)
void highlight_data (Fl_Text_Buffer *styleBuffer, Style_Table_Entry *styleTable, int nStyles, char unfinishedStyle, Unfinished_Style_Cb unfinishedHighlightCB, void *cbArg)
int position_style (int lineStartPos, int lineLen, int lineIndex, int dispIndex)
int wrapped_column (int row, int column)
int wrapped_row (int row)
void wrap_mode (int wrap, int wrap_margin)
void set_linenumber_area (int left, int width)
void set_font ()

Protected Methods

void do_scroll (int topLineNum, int horizOffset)
void draw_text (int X, int Y, int W, int H)
void draw_range (int start, int end)
void clear_cursor ()
void draw_cursor ()
void draw_cursor (int pos)
void draw_string (int style, int x, int y, int toX, const char *string, int nChars)
void draw_line_numbers ()
void draw_vline (int visLineNum, int leftClip, int rightClip, int leftCharIndex, int rightCharIndex)
void clear_rect (int style, int x, int y, int width, int height)
void display_insert ()
void offset_line_starts (int newTopLineNum)
void calc_line_starts (int startLine, int endLine)
void update_line_starts (int pos, int charsInserted, int charsDeleted, int linesInserted, int linesDeleted, int *scrolled)
void calc_last_char ()
void calc_longest_vline ()
int find_next_char (int pos)
int find_prev_char (int pos)
int position_to_line (int pos, int *lineNum)
int string_width (const char *string, int length, int style)
void update_v_scrollbar ()
void update_h_scrollbar ()
int measure_vline (int visLineNum)
int empty_vlines ()
int vline_length (int visLineNum)
int xy_to_position (int x, int y, int PosType=CHARACTER_POS)
void xy_to_rowcol (int x, int y, int *row, int *column, int PosType=CHARACTER_POS)
int position_to_xy (int pos, int *x, int *y)
void maintain_absolute_top_line_number (int state)
int get_absolute_top_line_number ()
void absolute_top_line_number (int oldFirstChar)
int maintaining_absolute_top_line_number ()
void reset_absolute_top_line_number ()
int position_to_linecol (int pos, int *lineNum, int *column)
void extend_range_for_styles (int *start, int *end)
void find_wrap_range (const char *deletedText, int pos, int nInserted, int nDeleted, int *modRangeStart, int *modRangeEnd, int *linesInserted, int *linesDeleted)
void measure_deleted_lines (int pos, int nDeleted)
void wrapped_line_counter (Fl_Text_Buffer *buf, int startPos, int maxPos, int maxLines, bool startPosIsLineStart, int styleBufOffset, int *retPos, int *retLines, int *retLineStart, int *retLineEnd, bool countLastLineMissingNewLine=true)
void find_line_end (int pos, bool start_pos_is_line_start, int *lineEnd, int *nextLineStart)
int measure_proportional_character (char c, int colNum, int pos)
int wrap_uses_character (int lineEndPos)
int range_touches_selection (Fl_Text_Selection *sel, int rangeStart, int rangeEnd)

Static Protected Methods

void buffer_predelete_cb (int pos, int nDeleted, void *cbArg)
void buffer_modified_cb (int pos, int nInserted, int nDeleted, int nRestyled, const char *deletedText, void *cbArg)
void h_scrollbar_cb (Fl_Scrollbar *w, Fl_Text_Display *d)
void v_scrollbar_cb (Fl_Scrollbar *w, Fl_Text_Display *d)
void fl_scroll_cb (void *v, int X, int Y, int W, int H)

Protected Attributes

int damage_range1_start
int damage_range1_end
int damage_range2_start
int damage_range2_end
Fl_Color mCursorColor
int mCursorPos
int mCursorPosOld
int mCursorOn
int mCursorToHint
int mCursorStyle
int mCursorPreferredCol
int mNVisibleLines
int mNBufferLines
int mFirstChar
int mLastChar
int mContinuousWrap
int mWrapMargin
Fl_Int_List mLineStarts
int mTopLineNum
int mAbsTopLineNum
int mNeedAbsTopLineNum
int mHorizOffset
int mVisibility
int mNStyles
Style_Table_Entry * mStyleTable
char mUnfinishedStyle
Unfinished_Style_Cb mUnfinishedHighlightCB
void * mHighlightCBArg
int mMaxsize
int mFixedFontWidth
int mSuppressResync
int mNLinesDeleted
int mModifyingTabDistance
int mMaxFontBound
int mMinFontBound
int mLongestVline
int dragPos
int dragType
int dragging
Fl_Text_Display::area text_area
int mLineNumLeft
int mLineNumWidth
Fl_String_Buffer m_lineBuffer
int scrolldx
int scrolldy


void fl_text_drag_me (int pos, Fl_Text_Display *d)

Detailed Description


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