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Fl_String_List Class Reference

Fl_String based string list. More...

#include <Fl_String_List.h>

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Public Methods

 Fl_String_List ()
 Fl_String_List (const Fl_String_List &sl)
 Fl_String_List (const char *str, const char *separator)
 ~Fl_String_List ()
void clear ()
void resize (unsigned newsize)
void blocksize (int s)
int blocksize ()
bool empty () const
unsigned count () const
unsigned size () const
void sort (int(*fcmp)(const void *, const void *))
void sort ()
void append (const Fl_String_List &items)
void append (const Fl_String &item)
void append (const char *item)
void prepend (const Fl_String &item)
void prepend (const char *item)
void prepend (const Fl_String_List &list)
void insert (unsigned pos, const Fl_String &item)
void insert (unsigned pos, const Fl_String_List &list)
int remove (Fl_String item)
void remove (unsigned pos)
int index_of (const Fl_String &str) const
int index_of (const char *str) const
char * to_cstring (const char *separator) const
Fl_String to_string (const char *separator) const
void from_string (const char *str, const char *separator)
Fl_Stringitem (unsigned index)
const Fl_Stringitem (unsigned index) const
Fl_Stringoperator[] (unsigned ind)
const Fl_Stringoperator[] (unsigned ind) const
Fl_String_List & operator= (const Fl_String_List &sl)
void print (FILE *fp=stdout) const

Detailed Description

Fl_String based string list.

Definition at line 30 of file Fl_String_List.h.

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