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Fl_Split Class Reference

A simple splitter widget. More...

#include <Fl_Split.h>

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Public Methods

 Fl_Split (int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *l=0)
 This constructor should be used, when you use the old style widget positioning.

 Fl_Split (Fl_Widget *_ref_, int layout_size=5)
 This constructor should be use with the new layout design. More...

 ~Fl_Split ()
virtual int handle (int ev)
void find_neighbours ()
 Creates a list with the neighbouring widget.

Static Public Attributes


Detailed Description

A simple splitter widget.

This widgets is intended to be used, when you're window has a client area and some panels at left/right/top/bottom, and you wan't them to be resizable.

This widgets works both with the new style layouting, and the old style widget positioning.

In the first case you have to give the constructor the panel widget. The Fl_Split widget will than attach itself to that widget, making it resizable.

In the second case you position this widget as it would be a normal one, giving it's x, y coordinates, it's width and height. When it's dragged, it creates a list with all neighbouring widgets (so you must place the other widgets precisely), and changes the their size.

In both cases Fl_Split will block the resizing, when a neighbouring widget (or the attached, or client widget) will have 0 dimensions.

When using the old style layout, the widget makes a list with all the neighbouring widgets in the constructor. So place this widget as a last one. If you have to add other widgets after this one, call find_neighbours() to remake the list.

Definition at line 57 of file Fl_Split.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Fl_Split::Fl_Split Fl_Widget   _ref_,
int    layout_size = 5

This constructor should be use with the new layout design.

_ref_  the widget to attach the Fl_Split to
layout_size  the width or height of the splitter
The layout_align of the splitter will be identicall with the layout_align of _ref_

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