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Fl_Pixmap Class Reference

Fl_Pixmap is good for static XPM's e.g. More...

#include <Fl_Pixmap.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_Pixmap:

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Public Methods

 Fl_Pixmap (char *const *d)
 Fl_Pixmap (uchar *const *d)
 Fl_Pixmap (const char *const *d)
 Fl_Pixmap (const uchar *const *d)
virtual ~Fl_Pixmap ()
virtual void measure (int &w, int &h)

Public Attributes

const char *const * data

Protected Methods

virtual void _draw (int dx, int dy, int dw, int dh, int sx, int sy, int sw, int sh, Fl_Flags f)

Detailed Description

Fl_Pixmap is good for static XPM's e.g.

built-in images, It parses image only when it's needed. i.e. just before first draw. This allows applications run w/o X11 running. (e.g. efluid -c)

Definition at line 33 of file Fl_Pixmap.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Fl_Pixmap::measure int &    w,
int &    h

W  As a reference integer, Width is stored to this.
H  As a reference integer, Heigth is stored to this.
Get image width and heigth. Fl_Image overloaded function.

See also:
width() and height()

Reimplemented from Fl_Image.

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