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Fl_File_Browser Member List

This is the complete list of members for Fl_File_Browser, including all inherited members.
accept_focus(bool v) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
accept_focus() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
activate() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
activate(int b) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
active() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
active_r() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
add(Fl_ListView_Item &item) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
add(Fl_Widget &o) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
add(Fl_Widget *o) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
add_column(const char *name, int width=-1, Fl_Variant_Type column_type=VAR_STRING) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
add_resizable(Fl_Widget &o) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
add_up_item() const (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
add_up_item(bool val) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
align() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
align(int a) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
ALWAYS_ON enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
argument() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
argument(long v) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
array() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
auto_grow() const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
auto_grow(Fl_Group_Grow_Mode agm) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
begin() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [virtual]
belowmouse() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
BOTH enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
BOTH_ALWAYS enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
box() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
box(Fl_Boxtype) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
button_box() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
button_box(Fl_Boxtype) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
button_color() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
button_color(Fl_Color) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
callback() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
callback(Fl_Callback *c, void *p) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
callback(Fl_Callback *c) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
callback(Fl_Callback0 *c) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
callback(Fl_Callback1 *c, long p=0) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
cb_hscrollbar(Fl_Scrollbar *s, Fl_Table_Base *d) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline, protected, static]
cb_vscrollbar(Fl_Scrollbar *s, Fl_Table_Base *d) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline, protected, static]
change_cursor(Fl_Cursor newcursor) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
changed() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
child(unsigned n) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
child(int n) const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
children() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
clear() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
clear_changed() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_columns() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
clear_damage() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_flag(int c) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_focus_on_click() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_focus_on_key() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_output() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_selected() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_selection() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
clear_value() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_visible() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
col_count(unsigned count) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected, virtual]
col_count() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline, protected]
col_flags(int row, uchar flags) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_flags(int row) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_header(bool flag) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_header() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_header_height(int height) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_header_height() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_resize(bool flag) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_resize() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_resize_min(unsigned val) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_resize_min() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_scroll_position(unsigned col) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
col_width(unsigned col, int width) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
col_width(unsigned col) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
col_width_all(int width) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
color() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
color(Fl_Color) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
column(unsigned c) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column(unsigned c) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_flags(int c) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_flags(int c, int f) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_image(int c) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_image(int c) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_image(int c, Fl_Image *im) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_image(int c, Fl_Image &im) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_name(int c) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_name(int c, const char *name) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_type(int c) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_type(int c, Fl_Variant_Type t) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_width(int c) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
column_width(int c, int w) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
columns() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
columns(unsigned count) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
connect(int event, void *obj, Fl_Signal_Callback *cb) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
connect(int event, Fl_Signal_Callback *cb) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
contains(const Fl_Widget *) const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
CONTEXT_BEGIN enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
CONTEXT_CELL enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
CONTEXT_COL_HEADER enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
CONTEXT_END enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
CONTEXT_NONE enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
CONTEXT_ROW_HEADER enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
CONTEXT_SCROLLED enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
CONTEXT_TABLE enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
copy_label(const char *a) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
copy_label(const Fl_String &a) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
copy_style(const Fl_Style *s) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
current (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [static]
current() (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline, static]
current(Fl_Group *g) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline, static]
current_row(unsigned row) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
current_row() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
cursor2rowcol(unsigned &R, unsigned &C, ResizeFlag &resizeflag) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
damage() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
damage_item(Fl_ListView_Item *i) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
damage_row(unsigned row) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
data_source(Fl_Data_Source *ds) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group
data_source() const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
deactivate() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
default_callback(Fl_Widget *, void *) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [static]
default_col_width() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline, protected]
default_col_width(int w) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline, protected]
default_glyph(const Fl_Widget *widget, int glyph, int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Flags flags) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [static]
default_row_height() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline, protected]
default_row_height(int h) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline, protected]
default_style (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [static]
DEFSLOT_O(Fl_Widget, Fl_Widget, slot_label, const char *) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
DEFSLOT_O(Fl_Widget, Fl_Widget, slot_active, int) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
DEFSLOT_O(Fl_Widget, Fl_Widget, slot_visibility, int) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
directory(const char *directory) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
directory(const Fl_String &directory) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
directory() const (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
dispatch_event(int event) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
do_callback(Fl_Widget *o, void *arg, void *widget_data=0) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
do_callback(Fl_Widget *o, long arg, void *widget_data=0) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
do_callback(void *widget_data=0) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
draw() (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [virtual]
draw_box() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
draw_child(Fl_Widget &) const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [protected]
draw_frame() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
draw_glyph(int t, int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Flags f) const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
draw_group_box() const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group
draw_inside_label(int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Flags) const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
draw_inside_label() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
draw_label(int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Flags) const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
draw_outside_label(Fl_Widget &) const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [protected]
draw_row(unsigned row, int w, int h) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [protected, virtual]
draw_stripes() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
draw_stripes(bool v) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
emit_signal(int event, void *opt_data=0) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
end() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [virtual]
field_name() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
field_name(const char *f) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
field_name(const Fl_String &f) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
filename() const (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser
filename_full() const (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser
fill(Fl_Data_Source &ds, const char *user_data_column_name="") (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [virtual]
filter(const char *pattern) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
filter() const (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
find(const Fl_ListView_Item *item) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
find(const Fl_ListView_Item &item) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
find(const Fl_Widget *w) const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group
find(const Fl_Widget &w) const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
find_cell(TableContext context, unsigned R, unsigned C, int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
find_default_sizes() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
find_safe_top(int ypos, int &y) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
find_text(const char *text, int column=-1, unsigned start_index=0, unsigned end_index=0) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
find_text_row(const char *text, int column=-1, unsigned start_index=0, unsigned end_index=0) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
find_userdata(void *data, unsigned start_index=0, unsigned end_index=0) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
find_userdata_row(void *data, unsigned start_index=0, unsigned end_index=0) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
Fl_File_Browser(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label=0)Fl_File_Browser
Fl_File_Browser(const char *l=0, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=100)Fl_File_Browser
Fl_Group(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *l=0) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group
Fl_Group(const char *l=0, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=-1) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group
Fl_ListView(int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0)Fl_ListView
Fl_ListView(const char *l=0, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=100)Fl_ListView
Fl_Table_Base(int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
Fl_Table_Base(const char *l=0, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=-1) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
Fl_Widget(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *l=0)Fl_Widget [protected]
Fl_Widget(const char *l=0, int layout_size=30, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=-1)Fl_Widget [protected]
flags() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
flags(Fl_Flags f) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
focus(int i) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
focus(Fl_Widget *w) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
focus() const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
focus_box() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
focus_box(Fl_Boxtype) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
focus_on_click() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
focus_on_key() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
focused() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
get_bounds(TableContext context, int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
get_selection() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
get_selection() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
glyph() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
glyph(Fl_Glyph) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
GROUP_TYPE enum valueFl_Widget
h() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
h(int v) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
handle(int event) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [virtual]
handle_key() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [protected, virtual]
header() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
header() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
height() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
hide() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
highlight_color() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
highlight_color(Fl_Color) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
highlight_label_color() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
highlight_label_color(Fl_Color) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
HORIZONTAL enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
HORIZONTAL_ALWAYS enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
hscrollbar (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
image() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
image(Fl_Image *a) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
image(Fl_Image &a) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
INACTIVE enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
inactive(Fl_ListView_Item *w) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
inactive_row(unsigned row, bool val) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
inactive_row(unsigned row) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
init_sizes() (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group
insert(Fl_ListView_Item &item, int pos) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
insert(Fl_Widget &o, Fl_Widget *before) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
insert(Fl_Widget &, int index) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group
inside(const Fl_Widget *o) const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
invert_flag(int c) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
INVISIBLE enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
is_group() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
is_window() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
item(Fl_ListView_Item *i) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
item() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
item_at(int Y) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
label() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
label(const Fl_String &l) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
label(const char *l) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
label_color() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
label_color(Fl_Color) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
label_font() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
label_font(Fl_Font) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
label_size() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
label_size(unsigned a) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
label_type() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
label_type(Fl_Labeltype) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
layout() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [virtual]
layout_align() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
layout_align(Fl_Align f) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
layout_damage() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
layout_damage(uchar d) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
layout_spacing() const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
layout_spacing(const uchar offset) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
leading() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
leading(unsigned a) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
left_col(unsigned col) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
leftcol (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
leftcol_x (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
ListViewFlags enum name (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
load(const Fl_String &directory) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser
load(const char *directory) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
load_data(Fl_Data_Source *ds) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [virtual]
make_current() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
match_text(const Fl_String &key, const char *text) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [protected, virtual]
measure_label(int &w, int &h) const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
multi() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
multi(bool val) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
MULTI_SELECTION enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
navigation_key() (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [static]
next() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
next_row() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
NON_RESIZABLE enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
NON_SELECTABLE enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
NONE enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
output() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
parent() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
parent(Fl_Group *w) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
pattern(const char *pattern) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
pattern(const Fl_String &pattern) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
pattern() const (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
position(int X, int Y) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
position2rowcol(int x, int y, int &R, int &C) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
preferred_col_width(int col) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
preferred_size(int &w, int &h) const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline, virtual]
prev() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
prev_row() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
pushed() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
recalc_dimensions() (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
recalc_row_lookup() (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline, protected]
recalc_totalheight() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
redraw() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
redraw(int x, int y, int w, int h) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
redraw(uchar c) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
redraw_label() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
relayout() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
relayout(uchar damage) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
remove(int index) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
remove(Fl_ListView_Item &item) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
remove(Fl_ListView_Item *item) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
remove(Fl_Widget &o) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
remove(Fl_Widget *o) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
remove_column(const char *name) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
remove_column(unsigned index) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
replace(int index, Fl_Widget &) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group
replace(Fl_Widget &old, Fl_Widget &o) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
RESERVED_TYPE enum valueFl_Widget
reset() (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [virtual]
reset_search() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
resetup() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
resizable(Fl_Widget &o) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
resizable(Fl_Widget *o) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
resizable() const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [inline]
resizable_col(int col) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
resizable_col(int col, bool val) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
resizable_row(int row) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
resizable_row(int row, bool val) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
resize(int x, int y, int w, int h) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
RESIZE_COL_LEFT enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
RESIZE_COL_RIGHT enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
RESIZE_NONE enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
RESIZE_ROW_ABOVE enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
RESIZE_ROW_BELOW enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
ResizeFlag enum name (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
row_at(int Y) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
row_col_clamp(unsigned &R, unsigned &C) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
row_col_clamp(int &R, int &C) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
row_count(unsigned count) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected, virtual]
row_count() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline, protected]
row_flags(int row, uchar flags) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_flags(int row) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_header(bool flag) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_header() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_header_width(int width) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_header_width() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_height(unsigned row, int height) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
row_height(unsigned row) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_height_all(int height) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
row_resize(bool flag) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_resize() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_resize_min(unsigned val) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_resize_min() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
row_scroll_position(unsigned row) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
RowColFlags enum name (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
save_data(Fl_Data_Source *ds) (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [virtual]
scroll_down(int pixels=20) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
scroll_up(int pixels=20) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
scrollbar_align() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
scrollbar_width() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
search_str() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
select(Fl_ListView_Item *w, int value=1) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
select_all_rows(int value=1) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
select_items(unsigned from, unsigned to) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
select_only(Fl_ListView_Item *w) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
select_only_row(unsigned row) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
select_row(unsigned row, int value=1) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
selectable(Fl_ListView_Item *w) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
selectable_row(unsigned row, bool val) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
selectable_row(unsigned row) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
SELECTED enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
selected(Fl_ListView_Item *w) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
selected() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
selected_row(unsigned row) const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
selection_color() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
selection_color(Fl_Color) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
selection_text_color() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
selection_text_color(Fl_Color) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
send(int event) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
set_changed() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
set_damage(uchar d) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
set_flag(int c) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
set_focus_on_click() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
set_focus_on_key() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
set_output() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
set_selected() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
set_value() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
set_visible() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
shortcut() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
shortcut(int s) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
show() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
show_col(unsigned col) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
show_item(Fl_ListView_Item *w) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
show_row(unsigned row) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
showpolicy() const (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
showpolicy(char type) (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
signal() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
size(int W, int H) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
slot_active(int value)Fl_Widget [inline]
slot_label(const char *newlabel)Fl_Widget [inline]
slot_visibility(int value)Fl_Widget [inline]
sort(int column) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [virtual]
SORT_ASC enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
sort_col() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
sort_col(int col) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
SORT_DESC enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
SORT_LAST_TYPE enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
SORT_NONE enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
sort_type() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
sort_type(int t) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
SortTypes enum name (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
store_sizes() (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group
style() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
style(const Fl_Style *s) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
style(const Fl_Style &s) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
table_draw(TableContext context, unsigned R=0, unsigned C=0, int X=0, int Y=0, int W=0, int H=0) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [protected, virtual]
table_h (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
table_handle(TableContext context, unsigned row, unsigned col, int event) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [protected, virtual]
table_layout(TableContext context, unsigned row, unsigned col) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [protected, virtual]
table_w (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
TableContext enum name (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
take_focus() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
takesevents() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
test_shortcut() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
text_color() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
text_color(Fl_Color a) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
text_font() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
text_font(Fl_Font) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
text_size() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
text_size(unsigned a) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
throw_focus() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
tih (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
tiw (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
tix (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
tiy (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
tooltip() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
tooltip(const char *t) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
tooltip(const Fl_String &t) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
top() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
top_row(unsigned row) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
toprow (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
toprow_y (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
totalheight() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
totalwidth() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
TRANSPARENT_RESIZE enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
transparent_resize() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
transparent_resize(bool v) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
type() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
type(uchar t) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
TYPE_IN_HIDE enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
type_in_mode() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
type_in_mode(int v) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
TYPE_IN_NONE enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
TYPE_IN_SELECT enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
TypeInModes enum name (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
TypeValues enum name (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
unselect_all() (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
up() (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser
up_item() const (defined in Fl_File_Browser)Fl_File_Browser [inline]
update_child(Fl_Widget &) const (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [protected]
user_data() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
user_data(void *v) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
value() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
VERTICAL enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
VERTICAL_ALWAYS enum value (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
visible() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
visible_col(int col) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
visible_col(int col, bool val) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
visible_r() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
visible_row(int row) const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
visible_row(int row, bool val) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
vscrollbar (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
w() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
w(int v) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
when() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
when(uchar i) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
widget_type() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
widget_type(uchar t) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
width() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
width_changed_notify() const (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
width_changed_notify(bool v) (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView [inline]
WIDTH_CHANGED_NOTIFY enum value (defined in Fl_ListView)Fl_ListView
wih (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
window() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget
WINDOW_TYPE enum valueFl_Widget
wiw (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
wix (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
wiy (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [protected]
x() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
x(int v) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
xposition(int X) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
xposition() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
y() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
y(int v) (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
yposition(int Y) (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base
yposition() const (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [inline]
~Fl_Group() (defined in Fl_Group)Fl_Group [virtual]
~Fl_ListView()Fl_ListView [virtual]
~Fl_Table_Base() (defined in Fl_Table_Base)Fl_Table_Base [virtual]
~Fl_Widget() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [virtual]

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