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Fl Class Reference

Fl. More...

#include <Fl.h>

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Static Public Methods

void damage (int x)
float version ()
void read_defaults ()
bool init_locale ()
bool init_locale (const char *app_domain, const char *directory)
void sleep (int milliseconds)
uint32 ticks ()
int arg (int, char **, int &)
int args (int, char **, int &, int(*)(int, char **, int &)=0)
void args (int, char **)
void display (const char *)
int visual (int)
void own_colormap ()
int wait ()
int wait (float time)
int check ()
int ready ()
int run ()
void modal (Fl_Widget *, bool grab=false)
Fl_Widgetmodal ()
bool grab ()
void exit_modal ()
bool exit_modal_flag ()
void add_timeout (float t, Fl_Timeout_Handler, void *v=0)
void repeat_timeout (float t, Fl_Timeout_Handler, void *=0)
bool has_timeout (Fl_Timeout_Handler, void *=0)
void remove_timeout (Fl_Timeout_Handler, void *=0)
void add_check (Fl_Timeout_Handler, void *=0)
bool has_check (Fl_Timeout_Handler, void *=0)
void remove_check (Fl_Timeout_Handler, void *=0)
void add_fd (int fd, int when, void(*cb)(int, void *), void *=0)
void add_fd (int fd, void(*cb)(int, void *), void *=0)
void remove_fd (int, int when=-1)
void set_idle (void(*cb)())
void add_idle (void(*cb)(void *), void *=0)
bool has_idle (void(*cb)(void *), void *=0)
void remove_idle (void(*cb)(void *), void *=0)
int damage ()
void redraw ()
void flush ()
Fl_Windowfirst_window ()
void first_window (Fl_Window *)
Fl_Windownext_window (const Fl_Window *)
int event ()
int event_x ()
int event_y ()
int event_dx ()
int event_dy ()
int event_x_root ()
int event_y_root ()
int event_clicks ()
void event_clicks (int i)
bool event_is_click ()
void event_is_click (bool)
int event_button ()
int event_state ()
bool event_state (int i)
int event_key ()
bool event_key_state (int)
const char * event_text ()
int event_length ()
bool event_inside (int, int, int, int)
bool test_shortcut (int shortcut)
const char * key_name (int key)
bool compose (int &del)
void compose_reset ()
bool get_key_state (int)
void get_mouse (int &, int &)
bool handle (int, Fl_Window *)
void add_handler (int(*h)(int))
Fl_Widgetbelowmouse ()
void belowmouse (Fl_Widget *)
void belowmouse (Fl_Widget &w)
Fl_Widgetpushed ()
void pushed (Fl_Widget *)
void pushed (Fl_Widget &w)
Fl_Widgetfocus ()
void focus (Fl_Widget *)
void focus (Fl_Widget &w)
void copy (const char *stuff, int len, bool clipboard=false)
void paste (Fl_Widget &receiver, bool clipboard=false)
bool dnd ()
const Fl_Screen_Infoinfo ()
void lock ()
void unlock ()
void awake (void *message=0)
void * thread_message ()
int x ()
int y ()
int w ()
int h ()

Static Public Attributes

int damage_
int e_type
int e_x
int e_y
int e_dx
int e_dy
int e_x_root
int e_y_root
int e_state
int e_clicks
int e_is_click
int e_keysym
int e_length
char * e_text
int compose_state
bool grab_
bool exit_modal_
void(* idle )()
const char *const help
void(* warning )(const char *,...)
void(* error )(const char *,...)
void(* fatal )(const char *,...)


class Fl_Widget

Detailed Description


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