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Fl_Font.h File Reference


#include "Fl_Export.h"
#include "Fl_String_List.h"
#include "Fl_Int_List.h"

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struct  Fl_Font_
 The Fl_Font_ struct. More...


#define FL_HELVETICA   (fl_fonts+0)
#define FL_HELVETICA_BOLD   (fl_fonts+1)
#define FL_HELVETICA_ITALIC   (fl_fonts+2)
#define FL_HELVETICA_BOLD_ITALIC   (fl_fonts+3)
#define FL_COURIER   (fl_fonts+4)
#define FL_COURIER_BOLD   (fl_fonts+5)
#define FL_COURIER_ITALIC   (fl_fonts+6)
#define FL_COURIER_BOLD_ITALIC   (fl_fonts+7)
#define FL_TIMES   (fl_fonts+8)
#define FL_TIMES_BOLD   (fl_fonts+9)
#define FL_TIMES_ITALIC   (fl_fonts+10)
#define FL_TIMES_BOLD_ITALIC   (fl_fonts+11)
#define FL_SYMBOL   (fl_fonts+12)
#define FL_SCREEN   (fl_fonts+13)
#define FL_SCREEN_BOLD   (fl_fonts+14)
#define FL_ZAPF_DINGBATS   (fl_fonts+15)


typedef const Fl_Font_Fl_Font


enum  { FL_BOLD = 1, FL_ITALIC = 2, FL_BOLD_ITALIC = 3 }
 Values for font attributes. More...


FL_API Fl_Font fl_create_font (const char *system_name)
 Create new font, this function is system depend and should not be used! Under X11 it takes XLFD and under WIN32 it's font name.

FL_API Fl_Font fl_find_font (const char *name, int attrib=0)
 Find a font by name + attributes.

FL_API int fl_list_fonts (Fl_Font *&arrayp)
 Find and return every font on the system. More...


FL_API Fl_FontSize
FL_API Fl_Font_
FL_API Fl_Font_ fl_fonts [16]
 Array of build-in fonts. More...

Detailed Description

Definition in file Fl_Font.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Values for font attributes.

Enumeration values:
FL_BOLD  Bold font.
FL_ITALIC  Italic font.
FL_BOLD_ITALIC  Bold+italic font.

Definition at line 109 of file Fl_Font.h.

Function Documentation

FL_API int fl_list_fonts Fl_Font *&    arrayp

Find and return every font on the system.

Returns number of fonts found.

arrayp  Fonts are stored to this array pointer, caller MUST NOT free pointer!

Variable Documentation

FL_API Fl_Font_ fl_fonts[16]

Array of build-in fonts.

See defined macros FL_*(_BOLD)(_ITALIC).

Definition at line 136 of file Fl_Font.h.

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