edelib  2.1.0
Todo List
Class Config

don't allow [] sections

What Config as localized keys should read: LC_MESSAGES or LANG ??? I'm using for now LANG, but fd.o people said it should be LC_MESSAGES. Inspect this.

Member Date::set (unsigned short y, unsigned char m, unsigned char d, DateType t=DATE_LOCAL)
it can accept set(0,1,0); leave this or... (possible bugs ?)
Member Date::system_set (void)
This should be probably a static function
Member DesktopFile::exec (char *val, int len)
special variables and symbol escaping are not implemented yet
Class EdbusDict
This should be assertion
Class EdbusList
This should be probably an assertion
Class EdbusObjectPath
Make this class implicitly shared
Member EdbusObjectPath::append (const char *str)
this should probably trigger assert if element is not valid
Member edelib::foreign_callback_add (Fl_Window *win, const char *id, void(*cb)(Fl_Window *, void *), void *data=0)
Add some better examples
Member edelib::nls_support_init (const char *appname, const char *dir)
what should set_textdomain_dir() and set_textdomain() return when NLS is disabled?
Class File
error checks during stream read/write (ferror)
Member File::readline (char *buff, int buffsz)
it does not return 1 when line contains only '\n' char. Should return?
Class FontCache
Class IconTheme
implement Threshold support (see icon-theme spec)
Class MimeType

add locale during read of comments

Last change in xdgmime.c moved stat-ed code to be executed first so ambiguous directory names (like ".kde" or ".emacs.d" or ".e") doesn't be recognized as files or unknown types; can stat's be delayed?

Group scheme
Complete docs.
Class String
COW would be nice
Member TableBase::move_cursor (int R, int C)
This function should be called select_cell() or similar
Page Theme language
Class Time
Time is missing local/UTC option.
Member Time::set_now (void)
This should be probably a static function
Member Time::system_set (void)
This should be probably a static function