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Getting started

  • For general information about EDE, see AboutEde.
  • To get EDE, download pre-built Packages if they are available for your distribution.
  • Or take a look at the InstallationHowTo page if you prefer to compile and install it yourself.
  • If you have some questions, please read the FAQ first.

Documentation & help

  • See the Changelog for changes since version 2.0.
  • For technical topics consult EDE's Documentation.
  • If you need help on anything not covered on the wiki, the EDE forum is the place to go to.


  • Thinking about contributing to EDE? The Development page is a good starting point for both EDE and edelib.
  • The Translation page describes how to provide localization for EDE and edelib in your language.
  • Visit the RoadMap page for some clues about planned features.

API documentation:

Bugs and issues

Please report any EDE related bugs and issues you encounter here: