EDE 2.1 changes

This is a detailed list of changes for EDE and edelib release 2.1.



  • Added guards for DBus support in edelib. If DBus is disabled in edelib, DBus related code in EDE will not be compiled as well now. This way EDE can support platforms where DBus is not available, e.g. Minix.
  • Removed some obsolete eFLTK rules in the build system.
  • Fixed some Clang warnings.
  • All applications use titles, so tools like xrestop can identify windows.
  • Fixed Bug 211 (startede would refer to old X11R6 resource path).
  • XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is set to 'ede' on startup.

Panel (ede-panel)

  • Applet code is more modular now.
  • Panel will be resized correctly after screen dimensions (or resolution) was changed, while EDE is running.
  • Added tooltip support in Start menu. Tooltips contain a short explanation of the selected program; the explanation is read from the Comment key in the program's .desktop file.
  • Fixed Bug 205 (memory applet would show negative values).
  • Fixed memory leaks when Panel exits; on exit, Panel did not release applets memory, resulting in memory leaks.
  • Fixed compilation on older FLTK versions (older than 1.3.x).
  • Panel can now check if an application provides icons with needed sizes and will use them. If not, it will try to resize the application's default icon or global default icon. This makes panel icons cleaner and prettier.
  • Added autoreload support for the main menu. When a new application was added or removed, Panel will detect this and update the menu. It also takes into account if the menu is already opened and does a reload as soon as the user closes it.
  • Improved support for older FLTK versions (1.1.x series).
  • Keep window order, no matter how pekwm restacks windows. This prevents many internal allocations and made panel happy with the Sawfish window manager.
  • Task buttons are stretched by default.
  • Faster removal of task buttons, thanks to optimized FLTK 1.3 group removal.
  • Better handling of workspace changes and setting sticky tag for window.
  • Implemented request from bug 217 (ability to show all windows in taskbar, no matter which desktop is shown).
  • Hider (Panel hiding button) is not an applet any more but part of Panel core code.
  • Memory applet uses sysinfo() instead of /proc to query data. This is a compile-time feature, so on unsupported platforms only an empty box is shown.
  • Added support for Panel height resize.
  • Added new battery monitor applet with UPower backend.

Notification daemon (ede-notify-daemon)

  • Daemon preserves notification message window when mouse pointer is hovered over it. With this a user can easily read longer messages without worrying that the daemon will hide it.

Bug Report Tool (ede-bug-report)

  • Center the window when shown and fixed some spelling issues.
  • ifdef-ed pselect() as Minix does not have it.
  • Added support for receiving notifications. When issue gets update, reporter can receive mail notifications, but has to have Bugzilla account first (Bugzilla prerequisite). This implements Bug 201.
  • Fixed OpenSolaris C98 errors.

Crash reporter (ede-crasher)

  • Made size_t visible on Minix.
  • Try to read core.PID first, then fallback to core in case a crash was detected.
  • In report dialog show used X and FLTK versions.

Launch application (ede-launch)

  • ifdef-ed setrlimit() as Minix does not have it.
  • Launch Crash Reporter also on edelib-based applications beside EDE applications.
  • Fixed Bug 186 (ede-launch does not read Terminal key from .desktop file).
  • Resource loading is lazy now, so ede-launch will load configuration when it is needed.
  • Implemented support for Terminal and StartupNotify keys.
  • If Path key was set, change working directory to given folder.

Window manager (pekwm)

  • Fixed iconv() calls, since different platforms have different declarations.
  • Prevent running commands from window menu.
  • Cleaned some compiler warnings.

EDE Start service (evoke)

  • When user would logout or shutdown the system, warning dialog was showing about wrong DBus reply. Now ConsoleKit is used (on systems where ConsoleKit is still available) to check if a user actually can perform the action.
  • Fixed Bug 194 (ede-desktop does not save icon position on shutdown).
  • In logout dialog the confirmation button is now bound to the Enter key.

Desktop (ede-desktop)

  • Icons are loaded by using IconLoader::set() from edelib.
  • Improved behavior if configuration isn't loaded.
  • Fixed dirent usage on strict POSIX systems (Slackware).
  • Show tooltip over an icon if the icon contains a Comment key.
  • Added support for editing existing icons.
  • Fixed compilation on older FLTK versions (older than 1.3.x).
  • Fixed Bug 235 (working directory and startup notification for desktop icons).

Autostart service (ede-autostart)

  • Prevent running .desktop files which have OnlyShowIn/NotShowIn without the 'EDE' key.


  • Added tooltip support for menu items.
  • edelib can be compiled without DBus binding. EDELIB_HAVE_DBUS #ifdef can be used to check if edelib has DBus support.
  • Added edelib-dbus-explorer, a dynamic UI tool for exploring and communicating with DBus services via a builtin Scheme interpreter.
  • Fixed various bugs in bundled Scheme interpreter, detected after TinyCLOS tests.
  • Faster (append) and fixed (gcd) and (lcm) in Scheme interpreter.
  • Added JSON module for Scheme interpreter.
  • Added workaround for missing _SC_GETPW_R_SIZE_MAX on Minix.
  • Added str_hash() function for simple hash computing from string, which unified hashing code through edelib.
  • edelib now ships its own rgb.txt as the Minix X11 distribution keeps it in uncommon places.
  • Theme engine is using C++ RTTI (optional feature) to figure out how to update widget fonts.
  • Fixed a couple of warnings produced by clang.
  • Font cache engine will prevent registering fonts if already registered.
  • FontChooser is now using font cache for querying fonts.
  • edelib-convert-icontheme can use rsvg-convert now.
  • Redesigned icon chooser dialog: now the user can also choose icons not found in the icon theme.
  • Small dir_list() optimization.
  • Fixed core dumping for bundled Jam on Minix.
  • Added support for querying NETWM window states.
  • Expandable group can now read global scrollbar size.
  • Icon theme engine now supports searching for icons when exact icon size wasn't found; this completes full support for fd.o icon theme specification.