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-====== EDE Installation ====== 
-These pages show how to install ''​EDE''​ and ''​EDE'​s''​ prerequisites on various operating systems. 
-===== Installing latest EDE release (from binary packages or source) ===== 
-''​EDE''​ can be installed from pre-built packages. Currently there are packages available for only one distribution (and compatible derivatives). ​ 
-  * EDEOnArchLinux shows how to enable the custom repository and install ''​EDE''​ using the package management of **Arch Linux** or build it yourself. 
-  * EDEOnSlackware shows how to install ''​EDE''​ on **Slackware** from pre-built packages or build it yourself. 
-===== Installing latest EDE release (from source) ===== 
-  * InstallingFromSource shows how to build ''​edelib''​ and ''​EDE''​ from **source code** and install them (This is a pretty generic installation document and should work on any ''​Linux''​ distribution or ''​*nix-like''​ OS). 
-  * [[InstallingOnFreeBSD|InstallingOnFreeBSD]] shows how to compile and install ''​edelib''​ and ''​EDE''​ on **%%FreeBSD%%**. 
-  * InstallingOnMinix shows how to compile and install ''​edelib''​ and ''​EDE''​ on **Minix**. 
-  * [[InstallingOnMK802|InstallingOnMK802]] shows how to compile and install ''​edelib''​ and ''​EDE''​ on an **MK802 Mini PC**. 
-===== Building with compilers other than GCC ===== 
-  * CompilingWithClang describes how to compile ''​edelib''​ and ''​EDE''​ using **clang**. 
-===== Old EDE versions ===== 
-  * [[1.x/​InstallationHowTo|1.x InstallationHowTo]] shows how to build and install ''​EDE''​ **version 1.x** from //source code//.