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-===== Latest releases =====+===== Latest releases ​(Source code) =====
-||EDE 2.||[[http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​ede/​files/​ede/​2.0/ede-2.0.tar.gz/​download|download]] || +||''​EDE 2.1''​||[[http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​ede/​files/​ede/​2.1/ede-2.1.tar.gz/​download|download]]||md5: 232300328557a75ad2aef5fdc064002e|| 
-||edelib 2.||[[http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​ede/​files/​edelib/​2.0/edelib-2.0.tar.gz/​download|download]] ||+||''​edelib 2.1'' ​||[[http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​ede/​files/​edelib/​2.1/edelib-2.1.tar.gz/​download|download]]||md5: 2e6ee2e1ceaea327967ed55868a1cb9f||
-Make sure you read InstallationHowTo about required packages.+:!: Make sure you read InstallationHowTo about required packages
 +===== Latest releases (Binary packages) ===== 
 +''​EDE''​ is available in binary form on some distributions. This means that packages exist which can simply be installed by the native package management on these systems. No need for you to compile ''​EDE''​ yourself if you don't want to. 
 +||Linux distributions|||| 
 +||{{wiki: archlinux.png}} || Arch Linux packages for both **i686** and **x86_64** are available through our [[http://​equinox-project.org/​repos/​arch|Arch Linux repository]].See EDEOnArchLinux for instructions.|| 
 +||{{wiki: slackware.png}} || Pre-built packages (including FLTK 1.3) for **i486** and **x86_64** ​ are available from our [[http://​equinox-project.org/​repos/​slackware|Slackware repository]]. See EDEOnSlackware for instructions.|| 
 +||{{wiki: openbsd.png}} || %%OpenBSD%% (since 5.4) packages EDE for **i386**, **amd64**, **hppa**, **mips64**, **powerpc** and **sparc64**! See EDEOnOpenBSD for instructions.||
 ===== Netinstall ===== ===== Netinstall =====
-You can also download, compile and install latest EDE version from source code via NetInstall script by running (as superuser):+You can also download, compile and install latest EDE version from source code via a friendly ​NetInstall script by running (as superuser):
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 wget http://​equinox-project.org/​netinstall && python netinstall wget http://​equinox-project.org/​netinstall && python netinstall
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ===== ISO image ===== ===== ISO image =====
-[[http://​www.remastersys.com/​|Remastersys]] team created Ubuntu 12.04 based distribution with EDE and you can burn it on CD.+ 
 +Simply want to try out ''​EDE''?​ Get the image of a live CD that comes with it! 
 +The [[http://​www.remastersys.com/​|Remastersys]] team created ​an Ubuntu 12.04 based distribution with ''​EDE''​ which you can burn on CD or use with a virtual drive.
 ||README ||[[http://​www.remastersys.com/​downloads/​Readme-rem-ede-final-1.iso.txt|view]] || ||README ||[[http://​www.remastersys.com/​downloads/​Readme-rem-ede-final-1.iso.txt|view]] ||
 ||rem-ede-final-1.iso ||[[http://​www.remastersys.com/​downloads/​rem-ede-final-1.iso|download]] || ||rem-ede-final-1.iso ||[[http://​www.remastersys.com/​downloads/​rem-ede-final-1.iso|download]] ||
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 ===== Repository source ===== ===== Repository source =====
-To download latest source code from repository, you will need subversion installed. Here is how to checkout EDE components:​ +To download ​the latest source code from repository, you will need [[https://subversion.apache.org/​|subversion]] ​installed. Here is how to checkout ​''​EDE'' ​components: ​  ​ 
- +   ​* ede: //svn co %%http://svn.code.sf.net/p/ede/code/trunk/ede2%%// 
-  ​* ede: ''​svn co https://ede.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/​ede/​trunk/​ede2''​ +   ​* edelib: ​//svn co %%http://svn.code.sf.net/p/ede/code/​trunk/​edelib%%//
-  * edelib: ​''​svn co https://ede.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/​ede/​trunk/​edelib''​ +
- +
-or [[http://ede.svn.sourceforge.net/​viewvc/​ede/​|directly browse]] it.+
 +You can also browse it directly via [[http://​sourceforge.net/​p/​ede/​code/​HEAD/​tree/​trunk|Sourceforge]].