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Fl_Browser Class Reference

Fl_Browser. More...

#include <Fl_Browser.h>

Inheritance diagram for Fl_Browser:

Fl_Menu_ Fl_Widget Fl_Multi_Browser List of all members.

Public Types

enum  { NORMAL = 0, MULTI = 1 }
enum  linepos { NOSCROLL, TOP, MIDDLE, BOTTOM }

Public Methods

 Fl_Browser (int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0)
 Fl_Browser (const char *l=0, int layout_size=20, Fl_Align layout_al=FL_ALIGN_TOP, int label_w=100)
 ~Fl_Browser ()
bool multi () const
virtual int handle (int)
virtual void layout ()
virtual void draw ()
int max_width () const
int max_height () const
int xposition () const
void xposition (int)
int yposition () const
void yposition (int)
bool indented () const
void indented (bool v)
Fl_Widgetgoto_top ()
Fl_Widgetgoto_focus ()
Fl_Widgetgoto_position (int y)
Fl_Widgetgoto_index (const int *indexes, int level)
Fl_Widgetgoto_index (int)
Fl_Widgetgoto_index (int, int, int=-1, int=-1, int=-1)
Fl_Widgetnext ()
Fl_Widgetnext_visible ()
Fl_Widgetprevious_visible ()
bool item_is_visible () const
bool item_is_parent () const
bool set_focus ()
bool set_item_selected (bool value=true, int do_callback=0)
bool select_only_this (int do_callback=0)
bool deselect (int do_callback=0)
bool make_item_visible (linepos=NOSCROLL)
void damage_item ()
bool set_item_opened (bool)
bool set_item_visible (bool)
int current_level () const
const int * current_index () const
int current_position () const
int focus_level () const
const int * focus_index () const
int focus_position () const
void value (int v)
int value () const
const int * column_widths () const
void column_widths (const int *pWidths)
bool select (int line, bool value=true)
bool selected (int line)
int topline () const
void topline (int line)
void bottomline (int line)
void middleline (int line)
bool displayed (int line)
bool display (int line, bool value=true)

Public Attributes

Fl_Scrollbar scrollbar
Fl_Scrollbar hscrollbar

Static Public Attributes


Detailed Description


Definition at line 29 of file Fl_Browser.h.

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