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 +====== EDE User Guide ======
 +This manual introduces EDE Desktop and will help you to learn and
 +perform daily tasks.
 +===== Introduction =====
 +EDE stands for //Equinox Desktop Environment//​ and is easy-to-use
 +graphical interface for UNIX-like operating systems, with goals to be
 +fast and light on system resource usage.
 +EDE resembles familiar look and feel which makes it easy to pick up by
 +beginners but also ready for usage by professionals.
 +==== Installing ====
 +InstallationHowTo explains in detail how to install EDE and
 +dependencies on your system. You should first search binary packages
 +for your system before deciding to compile EDE from source code.
 +==== Logging In ====
 +By default, EDE does not come with login manager, but can use system
 +provided one or can be easily started from console. Depending on your
 +OS or distribution,​ you can use lightdm, gdm, slim or
 +[[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​X_display_manager_(program_type)|many more]].
 +If you correctly installed EDE, you should get it as option in your
 +login manager session list, like: