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 +===== Reporting bugs using the bug reporting tool =====
 +You've found a bug in ''​EDE''​ and want to report it? The classic procedure is to sign up at the [[http://​bugs.equinox-project.org/​|bug tracker]] and do it there. If you prefer a quicker way, you can use EDE's built-in bug reporting tool.
 +Fire it up by simply issuing
 +$ ede-bug-report
 +on a terminal or in the panel'​s quick run bar.
 +With this tool you can report bugs anonymously without having to even create an account on the bug tracker.
 +:!: **Note:** If you however like to use the "//​receive notifications//"​ function, you do have to sign up on the tracker first.
 +===== Screenshot of ede-bug-report =====
 +{{wiki: bug-reporter.png}}