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-tg====== DBus API in EDE ====== 
-===== Introduction ===== 
-This document will describe 
-[[http://​freedesktop.org/​wiki/​Software/​dbus/​|DBus]] usage in EDE 
-applications,​ specifically what programs are listening and what data 
-is send via DBus protocol. ​ 
-===== Naming convention ===== 
-EDE uses ''​org.equinoxproject''​ as main namespace for interfaces and 
-object paths, e.g. 
-  org.equinoxproject.Desktop ​  # ede-desktop interface 
-  /​org/​equinoxproject/​Desktop ​ # ede-desktop object path 
-rest of the name is application name with method or signal name. If 
-application name is not suitable or could not be represented as DBus 
-name (or could be ambiguous), it can be replaced with applications 
-functionality (''​org.equinoxproject.Desktop''​ will be more explanatory 
-than ''​org.equinoxproject.Ede_Desktop''​). 
-For example: 
-  org.equinoxproject.Desktop.FooMethod ​  # FooMethod belongs to ede-desktop